The Student and Military Voter Empowerment Act of 2021
  fundamental enactment to give understudies and military staff the appropriate channels to practice their entitlement to cast a ballot and become more connected municipally. Furthermore, there is still work to be finished. The SMVEA passed in the Maryland House on February 23, 2021, and will keep on being considered in the Senate for the a long time. Need to help uphold this goal and important enactment? Send a letter to your MD officials and follow the bill. Offer This:     Cheerful Frostburg Flashback Friday!!!! Everybody, race to your window and look outside the present moment… it's radiant!! Be that as it may, don't go outside in light of the fact that it's freezing. This breeze is a big deal, I sense that I will overwhelm. On the off chance that it will be this cool, it should simply snow once more. Simply joking, I am so tired of the snow as I am certain you are as well. In any case, before it gets warm and snow is totally off the table, I need to return you to a period where Frostburg State University was at one time the main spot for the outrageous game of snowball battles! Indeed, I am being not kidding. Prior to the hour of Netflix and Disney Plus, understudies would not stop for a second to head outside and toss snowballs. On the off chance that you are believing that this is exhausting, I stress for you. Snowball battles are in a real sense the most outrageous game there is with regards to winter exercises. OK, perhaps not in the event that you check snowboarding and skiing, yet listen to me. Our Frostburg Alumni used to have such extraordinary snowball battles that the windows would be broken!!! I'm not in any event, kidding!! In a 'The Bottom Line' article from 1985, the first page includes a feature that goes this way, Campus Snowball Battles Cause Extensive Damage. WHAT?! Yes! Thursday, December fifth, 1985, the paper advises us that snowball fights across the grounds have brought about broken windows in abundance. The most harm was done on the structures, Frost and Diehl. The articles express that "bits of gossip have flowed saying that tremendous groups were illustrative of quarters and that of dormitory contention caused occurrences." Dorm competition?? I don't have the foggiest idea about my own neighbors in my home corridor! What might they actually be matching over? Cooling? Cleaner restrooms? Less distance to stroll to class? What in the world!?

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