Look at the best colleges in Nigeria dependent on information gathered by Times Higher Education.
  1. College of Ibadan The University of Ibadan started with only three divisions – science, medication and artistic expression – yet has since extended to take in 13 resources, including sociologies, horticulture and ranger service, instruction, innovation, law and dentistry. The establishing mission of the college was to make training accessible to all. It has a grounded Distance Learning Center where understudies who have monetary or familial boundaries can contemplate. Ibadan likewise has its own zoological and professional flowerbeds loaded up with many jeopardized creatures and plants, and various preservation programs are upheld. Federal University Lokoja 2. Lagos State University Set up in 1983, Lagos State University is a state funded college in Nigeria, working three significant grounds, in particular: Ojo, Ukeja and Epa. Lagos State University is the main state college in Lagos State. Prominent graduated class incorporate previous representative legislative head of Lagos State Oluranti Adebule, vocalist and musician Brymo, entertainer Chioma Chukwuka and Tajudeen Obasa, individual from the National Assembly. Best colleges in Africa Best colleges in the arising economies: top 100 An average day for an understudy in Nigeria THE VICE-CHANCELLOR'S WELCOME ADDRESS It is my advantage and delight to invite all our approaching and returning understudies of this youthful yet encouraging University. We promise to give you present day, powerful and serious training so you will graduate to become dependable and responsive residents of your different networks and our nation, Nigeria. It is likewise our grave purpose to instill into you the should be ambitious so you can become independent toward the finish of your investigations. We like the way that we are in the period of computerization and innovation. We accordingly should guarantee that courses instructed are ICT-Compliant. To accomplish our objectives we anticipate that our students should be reliable, tireless and decent. Preparing will be two overlap: first, is character, then, at that point, learning. Degrees will be granted in view of character and learning as we consider these fixings fundamental for an effective future. To our individuals from staff, we guarantee you that we will seek to give the empowering climate and a helpful environment to empower you to make your important commitments to this youthful organization that we would all be able to be pleased with. As of now, a solid compatibility has been set up by the University with the host local area of Kogi State. We should all expand on this glad start, to guarantee the consistent development and improvement of the establishment.

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