Making The Ways for Your Prison
The Spirit of the Lord has arrived, on the grounds that he hath blessed me to lecture the gospel to poor people; he hath sent me to recuperate the down and out, to lecture liberation to the hostages, and recuperating of sight to the visually impaired, to set at freedom them that are wounded. – From the Beginning I will pose an extremely straightforward inquiry. One, that requires thought on your part. Who are the prisoners, who are the visually impaired, and who are the swollen? Jesus knew the response to this inquiry. Isn't that right? Did Jesus let us know the appropriate responses obviously? Did He clarify all that we had to know inside the four Gospels? Have we searched out the appropriate responses? Do we know them? During the time that Jesus Christ was lecturing upon this world, the Jewish country was expecting a Messiah that would liberate them all from the Roman occupation. However, He didn't. Anyway, who are the prisoners? Where did these hostages come from? Is it conceivable than that we are altogether hostages? Consider the possibility that we were all visually impaired. Imagine a scenario where we were totally swollen. Would the Bible confirm in various spots the responses to these inquiries? That is the reason for Lift Up A Banner, to assist with driving you in understanding the responses to these inquiries, and numerous others. In case you have made it this far, stayed close by, or are simply participating, I might want to share something from the Book of Acts. In many spots inside the Bible there are equals of what's going on in the physical, to what exactly is being spoken, to what exactly is occurring in the otherworldly, and to what exactly is going on within us. Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God is inside you." The accompanying video expands upon the eBook Crucified At Golgotha, Ephesians 2, and the posts named, The Triumphal Entry Part 1 and The Triumphal Entry section 2 (situated to one side of your program or the lower part of this page, if on a cell phone). It additionally expands upon each of the crucial standards shared inside this site. Set aside the effort to consider the inquiries, the past examples, and the real significance of Golgotha, "The spot of YOUR skull." The Bible tells us, "Gravitate toward to God, and He will gravitate toward to you." He can just do as such dependent on the measure of His Word that we have put inside us. In case we put all our confidence in one stanza here, or one more section there, we aren't appropriately separating the Word of Truth. Assuming we just glance at equal parts of sections, we will miss the mark. I have done all that I can to introduce the Word of Life in a manner that is straightforward, decipher, and with the straightforwardness that I was directed to get it. May the gifts of the Lord God arrive and help you through the abhorrent day.  

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