Extraordinary Swedish Dishes to Try Out in Winter – No Regrets!

Alongside a home to wonderful attractions and amazing panoramic views, Swedish cuisine is also known for its warm and hearty dishes perfect for winter. Whether you’re ordering a dish or thinking of dining in, make sure to read the Reviews in Sweden to select the best option. If you’re making it yourself, then buy an airfryer in Sweden to make delicious and effortless dishes.

Here are five Swedish winter dishes you should try out:


A hearty meal made of boiled or mashed potatoes, sliced meat or vegetables, and sometimes gravy or sauce. The word “Kvällsmat” implies evening food and their food preferences differ based on individualistic tastes. Kids like Korv Stroganoff while Salmon, chicken, and meatballs are famous among adults.

Favoured dinner dishes

Swedish dinner tables these days are conquered by Italian dishes like spaghetti bolognese and Pizza. However, numerous Swedes add Mexican Tacos as well on the table along with typical Swedish foods. Kids like Korv Stroganoff while Salmon, Saffron buns, Julskinka, and Gravlax are famous winter dishes.


 A hotpot made of different kinds of meat, fish, and vegetables simmered in a savoury broth.

Swedish Kalops

Swedish kalops is an easy and aromatic dish with affluent, creamy beef and includes onion gravy. The taste of kalops comes from allspice. Swedes enjoy comforting and warm bowls of allspice-flavored kalops and this is the best choice to tolerate on chilly nights in Sweden. 47


A type of stew made of lamb, potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables.

Pickled herring

Pickled herring is prominent in Swedish celebrations; it is included in the Christmas buffet. The herring are initially salted and then they are preserved in a combination of water, vinegar, spices, and sugar. People apply butter evenly on the bread and then put pickled herring coating the surface nicely. Then red onion is slipped between herring pieces and decorated with diced dill. 62

Gammal gryta

A classic dish made of rice, beef, pork, and vegetables simmered in gravy.

Pytt I Panna

This is a combination of ingredients that together make a scrumptious and sufficing dish. It typically contains potatoes, beef, onion, or you can add pork. Everything is fried after cutting and served with ketchup, pickled beetroots, and fried egg.

Gravad lax

Gravad lax is a popular winter dish that is cured fish served with dill mustard sauce. Some salt is caressed into salmon then pepper, sugar, and flavour are added using dill.


This dish is made up of freshwater fish such as salmon or trout cooked in a creamy sauce. Christmas Eve’s famous serving Lutfisk is actually white fish that is sponged in lye after drying and then is rehydrated to cook in the boiling water placed in the oven and then presented in a big bowl of liquefied butter, with the glut of pepper and salt.

In winter, these dishes are worth giving a try as these are sure favourites among all Swedes and Christmas seems incomplete without these extraordinary winter dishes.