Best Restaurants in Helsinki with Local Food

Helsinki is known for its vibrant cuisine that brings together flavours from around the world. With its close proximity to the Nordic countries, Helsinki is a perfect place to enjoy traditional Nordic cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a casual lunch or an elegant dinner, Helsinki has some of the best restaurants in Europe for authentic local food.

From traditional Finnish dishes to modern takes on Nordic cuisine, the online reviews in Finland on ReviewsBird offer a wide array of experiences that you can use to decide which restaurant to go for dining in and which delivery service is best for you according to your needs and situation. Whether you’re a fan of reindeer, herring, or salmon, Helsinki has a restaurant for you. Here are some of the best restaurants in Finland, Helsinki for local food.

Ateljé Finne

Ateljé Finne was a redefinition of the sculptor Gunnar Finne which was transformed into a restaurant in the late 1960s in Helsinki. With all the local and traditional Nordic and Finnish dishes, this restaurant is famous among the local tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the place with some good quality food spots in Helsinki.


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